Sunday, June 24, 2012

Easy Ice Cream Cake

The kids are coming!  The kids are coming!  
A couple of week ago, my daughter and I decided to spend Saturday making Chocolate Zucchini Bread and Low Country Boil.  The bread we'd share...the seafood, not so much.
I decided a dessert was in order.  I wanted it easy.  I wanted it cold.  And, I wanted it irresistable.
I've asked around...this dessert has something for everyone. 
I think it would even be very good with strawberries substituted for the Reese's candies!     

What's In It:
24 ice cream sandwiches (I used plain-old-vanilla, but cookies-n-cream would work as would chocolate chip!)
16 oz. Cool-Whip (And yes, there IS a difference!)
1 jar caramel sundae topping (Again, there is a difference.  Stay with a brand you trust.)   
1 family-sized bag Reese's miniature peanut butter cups, unwrapped and roughly chopped (Strawberries would work here.  Especially the frozen kind.  Thawed, they are soft, sweet, juicy, and perfect for this dessert.)

How To Make It:
If you have one, use a 9x13 glass dish.  This dessert makes an impressive presentation!  If not, you may line your pan with foil and turn the whole thing out onto a serving plate.  I recommend this only if you expect the entire thing to be eaten at one sitting.  If not, it's better to keep it inside the plate for storage later.

Cover bottom of serving plate with a layer of ice cream sandwiches.(You will have a row of whole sandwiches and a row of 1/2 sandwiches underneath.)
Top with 1/2 the Cool Whip, 1/2 the caramel topping, and 1/2 the chopped Reese's miniatures. 
May be served immediately or covered and placed in freezer, if necessary.(If serving later, take out of freezer 5 to 10 minutes before serving for easier cutting.)

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